Come Dance With Me

I have moved! ~ This blog will still be open for a while ~ but PLEASE come visit me! It will be the same thing, just better to read and follow… easier… Continue reading


   Would you do it? Would you move from WordPress to Blogger? OOoOO… I am so torn! What do you suggest? I like them both a lot…

A “Glimpse” Into My Story…

(sorry it won’t let me make it bigger!) This is a wordle… You paste your text in and it tells you your most common words. Isn’t it cute? 😀 Have a good day,… Continue reading

Night On Bald Mountain

This is/was one of my favorite parts of the Disney movie, “Fantasia” – not only is the music amazing, but I’ve always found the triumph of good over evil very thought provoking. See… Continue reading

*Short excerpt*

         *ahem* So… I’m currently NOT writing, but procastinating. *pats self on head*  To make up for my guilt complex, I thought I’d give you a taste of the rot that I’m writing.  Eh,… Continue reading

Kate! Where ARE You?

I’m right here… writing like a mad person 😉 This month is, as many of you know, NaNoWriMo, and I am writing as hard as I can to get 50k words in *30*… Continue reading

Tag, You’re It!

  My very sweet and adorable friend, Michaela tagged me on her blog, and I just got around to filling it out. I rarely do tags, but this was too much fun 😀  … Continue reading

Of Writing, Music, and Whatever Else Is On My Mind

  Good morning, world! It’s about 7:50 this morning and I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my feet on the rungs of my char and drinking coffee. Oh, and trying to write… Continue reading

Ohio Summer Rendezvous

A wonderful collection of memories from the HSA Summer Rendezvous…  This video got swallowed up in my “drafts”… and I just couldn’t bear to let it go to waste!  So, enjoy! * I Miss Ya’ll!*

Name. That. Song.

So… You think you know your song lyrics? Let’s see if you do.  Here’s what we are doing: We are listing the partial lyrics of three fairly well-known songs… and letting YOU tell… Continue reading