Mrs. Proper Returns!

* Looks around guiltily and wonders if anyone noticed her absence… 😉  * 

Do any of you girls remember Mrs. Proper? She was my faithful columnist and editor for The Beacon… (for those of you who don’t know, I published a girl’s magazine for over a year. Mrs. Proper was my manners columnist.)
Anyhow, at my request, Mrs. Proper has given me gracious permission to re-publish her articles, and *may* even consent to write a few new ones! Let us all welcome her once more! I am hoping to continue to publish her once a month, just now on my blog. I hope you will all give your feedback to this idea! 🙂

Manners In the Family

Mrs. Proper was blessed to be raised in a family where not only were her parents mannerly, but her siblings were taught to be mannerly to one another as well. She hasn’t noticed this being stressed in many modern families. Rather she has seen and heard siblings arguing, being selfish, and basically put themselves first.

Whatever happened to the idea that older siblings were the protectors of the little ones? In my day, younger children thought their older brothers and sisters were the height of fun and couldn’t wait to play with them. Older children watched over the little ones, thought of ways to amuse them, and always had time for them some time during the day. Harmony reigned and the company of everyone was enjoyed. Mrs. Proper hopes the young ladies and gentlemen reading this will look for ways to serve their siblings, entertain enjoy time with the younger ones, and speak kindly to them. You will have your siblings for most of your life and it’s good to cultivate a close relationship now.

~Until next time!
         Mrs. Proper