Doing Small Things

This article was originally published last September on the Rebelution forums. I don’t have time today to give you a full descripton of the Rebelution, and what it’s all about, but I invite you to drop by! In short, the Rebelution is about:

Doing hard things – for the right reasons!

So, without any more explanation…

Doing Small Things

Have you ever read, (and I know you have) some story that tells of a teen who made history? Some teen who saved lives; finished high school by age 12; became a missionary to Ethiopia; or became a leader of the teen world? I have, and truly admire those people, but it can also be kind of depressing. What hard thing have I done? we might ask, or, Why can’t I do these types of things?

Well, folks, I am here to tell you small things can be just as hard!
Not all of us are called to be missionaries, but all Christians are called to teach. Not as romantic, is it! Perhaps we are not called to change the political world. Maybe our job is to pray.

Maybe what we need to do at this time is to wait upon the LORD! It can be very hard to wait, yet it is essential. Sometimes we will spend these years preparing for later, when we will be able to do those great things. Speaking from personal experience, my hard thing to do is farm work. It is small, not many appreciate it, and even fewer understand what is involved, unlike *greater* things.

I am learning now to serve my family, edit a magazine, teach a Bible class, and many more such things! These things certainly won’t win me an award or afford me a second look, but I have to keep reminding myself: it is my life.

Small things are great things, they just don’t make as much of a splash. Not that the splash matters. So, don’t be discouraged; be motivated! What you are doing now will perhaps lead you later to harder, greater things!

What are some small things you have done?

What are some Bible verses on this subject?

I challenge you to commit to hard things!

Oh, and just as a random note… tommorrow is my birthday! My, I’m getting old πŸ˜‰