A Cowish Update

So, this little fellow is the cause of my lack of blog posts….

…but how in the world can you blame him?!  He’s just too adorable!

So yes, milking has returned. 🙂 We are getting a LOT more milk then we were… 4+ gallons a day, give or take a little, and Jefferson enjoys it very much! (and also enjoys knocking me clear over, but that’s another tale 😉 )

I’m still on my “5 to 5” schedule, but I’m afraid it’s gotten a bit rickity lately, and become more of a “5 to sixish” schedule. 😛  Hopefully once a calm ( hahahahahhhaa) schedule starts, we can get back to normal 🙂

Weeeell… I’m off to finish this regency/evening dress for the weekend’s performance! Pray for it to go smoothly! 🙂

Au Revior