#2 Miss Proper Addresses the correct way of Address.

Miss Proper is a bit confused by the title of this post, but anyhow…  She recently received the following letter from an interested subscriber:

  Dear Miss Proper,

How do you determine how to address someone who is quite your senior – first name? Title and last name? What if they express an opinion that is different from your standard answer?"     ~Moose


Dear Moose,

The generally correct way to address someone is by title and last name, aka, “Mrs. Smith”, “Doctor Dolittle”or Miss Perfect-Awful”.

“Sir” and “Ma’am” are the correct way to answer someone directly: ” Yes Ma’am, I’ll remove my bandits from your coach just as soon as you hand over all the valuables”. ( I beg of you, don’t start following that exact example! )

     Yet, as you are getting ready to interrupt me to say, it’s not always that easy. I’m sure you have all met those “meaning-to-be-nice-but very-annoying-to-mannerly-people” who say things like: “Oh, you don’t have to call me Mrs. Simple, just call me ‘Ida’, that’s a dear”.  What to do?  Well, Miss Proper supposes that you can call her “Ida” if you really wish, but it would be far more correct to address her as “Ms. Ida”. The same goes for gentlemen, only, “Mr.”.  “Mr. Robert”, as an example.  Now, if they really insist on being called only by their surname, Miss Proper will let you do so, but she would like to remark that she has no opinion at all of the sort of people who do away with genteel address.  😉

That’s all for now!