An Obsession to Die For

How obsessed are we Christians with Christ? Are we know as Sons of David and Daughters of Sarah? No, stay a moment, would you die? Tomorrow, would you die?

It’s a strange subject for a 16-yr-old to be musing on, isn’t it? An oddity to be obsessed with something at once so foreign and again so well know. Death and Christ. But yet, are not our very beings centered around such things?

I’ve always know of men who died for Christ. I have personally known people who’s lives were hard and miserable, through hate and scorn, because of their belief. But, of course, I would never be put in that position. Or would I?

The thought was a new and disturbing one, frankly. I don’t like the idea at all. But yet it’s one I must consider…am I obsessed with Christ enough to die?

A friend of mine told me of a young man who wants to go into the field of mission, to a foreign country. She told me that he had once said he would have to ask the father of the girl he liked if he was willing to let his daughter go with him into the mission field, knowing full well that she could face torture, deprivation, and possible martyrdom.

Possible martyrdom…the thought floored me. But it was followed by another thought, one that I couldn’t ignore. “Would I willing go to a place were I could be murdered for Christ?” Am I so full of the Cross that the suffering would truly seem as nothing? Would you?

No, I have not had a great or momentous “calling” for mission work. But to face the fact that I could be called into that service is something I should be thinking about, as should you. For myself?

Will I go? Yes.

Will I withstand the test? With God as my helper.

Will I die for him? Yes.

Would you go?

Would you withstand the test?

Would you die for him?