Of Writing, Music, and Whatever Else Is On My Mind


Good morning, world!

It’s about 7:50 this morning and I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my feet on the rungs of my char and drinking coffee. Oh, and trying to write an intelligent blog post on notebook paper, because I can’t seem to write on a word processor. Teehee

One day until the start of “National Novel Writing Month”! Eeek… here I was not planning to do it, and then I get the most wonderful story plot in mind – now I’m going to do it. I’ve never been able to turn down a dare or a challenge, and well… hehe J

I’m setting this story in the Appalachians- maybe because people assured me I should “write what I know about”, maybe because I have personal issues with the mountains that need to be solved… but for whatever reason, that’s where the story is set. More later… 😉

Now, if I can only make myself write 1,667 word a day, this is all good… 😉

Time flies, doesn’t it? It has been over a year since I first began voice lessons -wow! Tiffany Garcia, my excellent and *ahem* slave-driving teacher has been very long suffering with me, listening to my endless remarks such as:

“THAT is the right way to sing? Good gracious, it sounds like someone jumping on crackers or something!”

And she always replies “Yes, but not out here it doesn’t”.

I still have my doubts about that 😉

As for my talent level… it isn’t much, but I’m slowly improving, I hope. I hope… 😉

So far it seems my worst “besetting sins” are a complete disregard for silly things such as *pshaw* counting time or key signatures… they don’t sound so bad on paper, but in the real life – it’s bad. Real bad. 😉

Honestly though, in spite of my own drawbacks – it has been an amazing year of music and study, and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring! I have definitely only scratched the surface of Bella-Conta singing.


While I’m still talking about lessons…. I recently started fiddle lessons from Dan Kessinger (National flat-pick champion and 2nd in the National fiddle contest), and I’m really, really excited about it! I’ve been longing for *real* fiddle lessons for years… and finally not only have lessons, but have them from an excellent teacher! Mr. Kessinger certainly doesn’t let me by with much, ( He assured me that I sounded like a “violinist playing fiddle music”) but maybe someday… I’ll sound like a FIDDLER playing fiddle music. Teehee J

Well, this is short, but I must run. Have a wonderful day! J

~ ❤ Kate