She Would Rather Light A Candle

  She would rather light candles then curse the darkness, and her glow has warmed the world.” ~Adlai Stevenson Advertisements

Of Cats and Pills…

I found this in a little local paper my grandmother gave me, and slightly edited it to make it more “blogable” 🙂 It may be under copyright, so please don’t copy it 🙂… Continue reading

An Obsession to Die For

How obsessed are we Christians with Christ? Are we know as Sons of David and Daughters of Sarah? No, stay a moment, would you die? Tomorrow, would you die? It’s a strange subject… Continue reading

A Few English Country Dancing Videos…

You know, I just realized the other day that, inspite of how much I talk about dancing, I’ve never posted many actual videos. This is sad! And this must be changed! 😉 So…… Continue reading

#2 Miss Proper Addresses the correct way of Address.

Miss Proper is a bit confused by the title of this post, but anyhow…  She recently received the following letter from an interested subscriber:   Dear Miss Proper, How do you determine how… Continue reading

Thought for the Week: But Christ Who Lives In Me!

  Kate has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer Kate who lives, but Christ who lives in Kate. And the life Kate now lives in the flesh Kate lives by faith in… Continue reading

Of Snakes and Owls

    I must say. I strongly disapprove of snakes as a general rule. Spiders, coyotes, things that make weird, screechy noises at 2 in the morning… that, I can handle. As for… Continue reading

*~*The Laendler *~*

One of my favorite dances is the adorable “Laendler” from “The Sound of Music”. (one of my favorite movies as well 😉 )  About a month ago, a friend of mine taught me… Continue reading

News from the Folks at Home…

Dear Son: I am writing slow ’cause I know you can’t read fast. We don’t live where we used too. Your pa read an article that said most accidents happen within 20 miles… Continue reading

Candyland Romance

I went out to the woods today, and had another long “think”…  ’tis frightening that I think so much, but quite productive, if you ask me. 😉 “Candyland romance”, as I like to term… Continue reading