The 10 Commandments – Accordin’ to a Southener

Howdy, folks! This post was borrowed from another blog, “Sweet Tea and Magnolias”, one which I co-own. Well, I post maybe once a year, but my name is on there, if nothing else… Continue reading

Miscellaneous Mondays – The Difference

Howdy neighbors! This is part of a on-going series, “Miscellaneous Mondays”. 🙂 Since I can’t do a big post every day, I thought I’d just leave you with something small to think on.… Continue reading

Hair Tutorial – Titanic Updo

I’m sorry gentlemen, but I am sore afraid this will be one of my posts that will not interest you in the slightest. So, go hunt some moose or rope some cattle or… Continue reading

HSA reunion–Kent Convergence

  Last weekend was the long awaited Kent convergence…my first Homeschool Alumni reunion! Where do I even start? It was a blessed and refreshing time, a blessing to meet good friends, and refreshing… Continue reading

For He Hath Triumphed!

The Lord hath Triumphed!

Peter ze Goat.

Hey ya’ll! So, Elisabeth is now the proud houser of…still another goat. Yep, I’m not too thrilled, but frankly (shhuuush) He’s awful cute. Just look and see how cute!   This picture is… Continue reading

The Post Before The First.

This could be known as philosophy..shh, don’t tell! Here is a quote I found very helpful! ” Our Deepest Fear Is Not That We Are Inadequate. Our Deepest Fear Is That We Are… Continue reading